roll [rōl]
[ME rollen < OFr roller < VL * rotulare < L rotula: see ROLL the n.]
a) to move by turning on an axis or over and over
b) to rotate about its axis lengthwise, as a spacecraft in flight
a) to move or be moved on wheels
b) to travel in a wheeled vehicle
3. to travel about; wander
4. to pass; elapse [the years rolled by]
a) to flow, as water, in a full swelling or sweeping motion [the waves rolling against the boat]
b) to be carried in a flow
6. to extend in gentle swells or undulations
7. to make a loud, continuous rising and falling sound [thunder rolls]
8. to rise and fall in a full, mellow cadence: said of sound, speech, etc.
9. to trill or warble
10. to form a ball or cylinder when turned over and over on itself: said as of cloth or yarn
11. to turn in a circular motion or move back and forth [with eyes rolling]
12. to rock from side to side [the ship pitched and rolled]
13. to walk by swaying
14. to become flattened or spread under a roller
15. to make progress; advance [start rolling]
16. to start operating [the presses rolled]
17. to take part in a bowling game
18. Informal to have plenty; abound ( in) [rolling in wealth ]
19. Football to move laterally: said of the passer: in full roll out
1. to move by turning on an axis or over and over [to roll a hoop]
2. to move or send on wheels or rollers
3. to cause to start operating
4. to move or send in a full, sweeping motion
5. to beat (a drum) with blows in rapid, light succession
6. to utter with full, flowing sound [to roll one's words]
7. to pronounce or say with a trill [to roll one's r's]
8. to give a swaying motion to [waves rolling the ship along]
9. to move gently around and around or from side to side [to roll one's eyes]
10. to make into a ball or cylinder by winding over and over itself or something else [to roll a cigarette]
11. to wrap or enfold, as in a covering [to roll a child in a blanket]
12. to make flat, smooth, or spread out by using a roller, rolling pin, etc.
a) to throw (the dice) as in the game of craps
b) to make (a specified cast) with dice [she rolled a four ]
14. Slang to rob (a drunken or sleeping person)
15. Bowling
a) to throw (a ball)
b) to make (a certain play or score) [to roll a strike]
c) to take part in (a game or games) [to roll three games]
16. Printing to spread ink on (type, a form, etc.) with a roller
[ME rolle < OFr < L rotula, rotulus, dim. of rota, wheel < IE * roto-, var. of base * ret(h)-, to run, roll > OIr rethim, (I) run, OHG rad, wheel]
1. the act or an instance of rolling
a) a paper, parchment, etc. that is rolled up; scroll
b) something that is, or looks as if, rolled up
3. a register; catalog
4. a list of names for checking attendance; muster roll
5. a measure of something rolled into a cylinder [a roll of wallpaper]
6. a cylindrical mass of something [a sausage roll]
7. any of various foods that are rolled during preparation, as
a) any small portion of bread, variously shaped
b) thin cake covered with fruit, nuts, etc. and rolled [a jelly roll]
c) beef, veal, etc. rolled and cooked
8. a roller (in various senses)
9. a swaying or rolling motion
10. a rapid succession of light blows on a drum
11. a loud, reverberating sound; peal, as of thunder
12. a full, cadenced flow of words
13. a trill or warble
14. a slight swell or rise on the surface of something, as land
15. Slang money; esp., a wad of paper money
16. Aeron. a maneuver in which an airplane in flight performs one complete rotation around its longitudinal axis
17. Bookbinding a revolving tool used in making an impression or pattern
a roll in the hay
Slang sexual intercourse
be on a roll
Informal to have a series of successes; go from success to success
roll back
1. to move back
2. to reduce (prices) to a previous or standard level by government action and control
roll in
to assemble, arrive, or appear, usually in large numbers or amounts
roll out
1. to flatten into a sheet by rolling
2. to spread out by unrolling
3. Slang to get out of bed
4. Business to introduce (a new product)
5. see ROLL vi. 19 Football
roll over
1. to refinance (a maturing note, etc.)
2. to reinvest (funds) so as to defer the payment of taxes
roll round
to recur, as in a cycle [winter rolled round again]
roll up
1. to make or put into the form of a roll
2. to wrap up by turning over and over
3. to acquire or increase by accumulation
4. Informal to arrive in a vehicle
roll with a punch or roll with the punch Informal
1. to move in the same direction as a punch thrown at one so as to lessen its force
2. to lessen the impact of a misfortune by not resisting too violently
strike off the rolls or strike from the rolls
to expel from membership

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